5 Unique Android Apps that are Useful but Rarely Known

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Unique Android Apps – Many Android apps are quite useful but rarely known to many people. Such applications could help your days fun day-activities. What the hell is the application?

Here are 5 Unique Android Apps that are Useful but Rarely Known

5 Unique Android Apps Android

1. Rat Repeller

Mice can be heard the sound of the ultrasound that her hearing range around 200 Hz to 80/90Khz. There are a variety of high-frequency sounds that we cannot hear but rats can. Rat Repeller can produce sounds like it can repel rats because they will be very distracted at the moment of hearing it.

Application of artificial Medasoft this will help to drive out the mice in your House which is annoying, so you don’t have to worry anymore with a rat that often spoils stuff yours. You no longer need to put up a mousetrap that is not too effective.

2. Anti Mosquito

You can’t sleep because it continues to digits by mosquitoes? Maybe you could try Anti Mosquito app. These applications are proven to repel mosquitoes are always disturbed you.

Anti Mosquito produces echolocation which can repel mosquitoes around. You can also set the sound level to suit your needs. After downloading Anti Mosquito, shall ye be grateful to this application because it can make you sleep soundly?

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3. Fake Call

Do you ever be in a situation of awkward until you want to go from the place? If you often experience it, Fake Call application is suitable for you. This application can be used to fabricate a call.

You can also record your voice yourself up to look as if it was talking with other people. Phone numbers and photos of people who call you can also set it up as you please. But do not install the photo of the artist or other famous people because you’re not going to believe you.

4. AirDroid-Remote Acces Files

Do you often transfer data between smartphone Android and PC using a cable and lazy? AirDroid – Remote Access File can help you do this without having to plug in the data cable at all.

AirDroid makes you can synchronize data with a PC through smartphone Wifi network and the internet. In addition, you can also control your Android smartphone via PC to keep track of the whereabouts of the Android smartphone of yours. With just a keyboard and mouse, you can move data from Android to PC.

5. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)-alarm

Alarmy is an application that is suitable for you who are lazy or difficult to wake up. This application is made to wake those too lazy to wake up. The alarm LED flashes on a smartphone of yours is indeed easy to shut down, but not for Alarmy.

When you read, Alarmy sound will be faced with a range of about. To be able to turn it off, you should be able to answer these questions. Some of the most potent challenges are when you are dealing with a math problem that you must complete to be able to turn off Alarmy on Smartphones.

That’s some unique applications that are useful in everyday life but is rarely known. What do you think? Interested in using the various applications?

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