8 Tips to Maximize a Small Internal Memory on Android

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Tips to maximize a small Internal memory on Android – Currently, a selection of Android smartphones already available on the market. So, you just choose the course which is good and appropriate needs you. Assessing Android smartphone at first definitely, you will be fixed with the price. Yes, many say if the price determines the quality. As it turns out, a lot of cheap Android smartphone that has the best quality.

In addition, perhaps you would consider the question of specifications, camera, and also internal memory. Now, smartphones already provide internal memory up to 128 GB. Wow, really not satisfied? However, there was a little bit too still serves the internal memory only 8 GB. Of course, the difference between a smartphone brings the internal memory of 8 GB and 128 GB clear away. Keep, with a capacity as small as that, what should you do? Calm down, I will give you tips to maximize a small internal memory on Android.

8 Tips to maximize a small Internal memory on Android

To maximize a small internal memory in Android, in fact, it is not difficult. You are only required to be a little more sensitive to the smartphone. Don’t all you enforce until finally you smartphone lag and crashes. This is because there are already many victims feel about it. Well, just go ahead, here are tips for maximizing a small internal memory.

1. avoid Install Heavy applications and games

Play the Google Store is indeed very well against us. He did not hesitate to give a wide range of applications and games that you can install it at any time and anywhere. However, as Jaka said above, you need to be more sensitive to the smartphone. Regarding the internal memory you are small, avoid the install applications and games. Why? So don’t you favorite Android smartphone easy lag when operating the application or games. Don’t force you to play Asphalt smartphone 8: Airborne, FIFA, Need For Speed, and other heavy game.

2. Reduce the resolution of the Photos on the camera Smartphone

Yes, the usual escape from the users of the Android smartphone is you rarely check the resolution of the photos on your smartphone. Any Megapixels are used, of course, it affects the size of the image obtained. The greater the resolution you use, then the higher is also the size of the image that you will get. Therefore, reduce the resolution of the camera just for you. 3 MP camera with a size is also adequate for the quality of a photograph.

3. Lower Resolution Video capture

Similar to the second point, tips on maximizing a small internal memory in the Android next is you are obligated to lower resolution video capture in camera smartphone you. Now it is presented a large resolution presented the vendors for video capture. However, what’s the point of taking videos with super resolution as large as 4 k on a smartphone? Using a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels is also quite capable for the size of the screen smartphone with 5 or 6 inches.

4. Don’t need to Save too much Music on your Smartphone

Tips to maximize a small internal memory in the Android next is you don’t need to, and it is not recommended to store files in the form of music is too much in the internal memory. Why? Yes definitely, one music file has a different size, and it takes up enough space on the internal storage capacity. If you want to listen to music, why not try the Spotify service. So, you don’t have to bother keeping it in smartphones and don’t be tired of hearing that song that’s it.

5. Clean the Junk files and Cache Regularly

Junk files and the cache can be likened as a bunch of minions of evil minions. For both of these things simply take a valuable internal memory capacity. Probably most of you have yet to realize this, but when you clean the junk files and cache, then it is enough to make relief storage space you on a smartphone. Therefore, do not ever forget it again ya guys.

6. Take advantage of Cloud-based storage space

In a world that’s already sophisticated today, actually, a lot that you can take advantage of to set the Android smartphone you so as not to overload. One of the tips to maximize a small internal memory are you obliged to utilize Cloud storage service like Google Photos, Dropbox and such. So, all kinds of files do not enforce you to enter into the narrow internal memory. You can also access the service cloud wherever and whenever.

7. turn off the Auto-downloading of Media On WhatsApp

Yes, this point is important enough to do. Because, with the rise of smartphones in human life, of course it will be more and more people using the chat application to simplify communications, one of them is WhatsApp. Moreover, through the application of WhatsApp, you can create one group. Well, due to the group certainly many also send various files such as photos and videos. Hence, that don’t eat loads, turn off the auto-download feature available in applications WhatsApp. So, you can sort anywhere you need it or not.

8. Backup Chat and Media WhatsApp to Google Drive

Normally, when using WhatsApp first, this application will automatically set up a backup system to store the chat and also the inclusion of files into media WhatsApp. Thus, * backup conversation you at Google Drives *. If you’ve been doing a backup to Google Drive, you do not need to worry if there are some things which you delete from WhatsApp.

That’s 8 tips that can provide for you, Wiki about how to maximize a small internal memory on Android. Hopefully, this article can be useful to you, and also the best friend you. Write down your opinion in a column you comment below Yes.

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