12 Tips Android Must Be Know By All Users Android

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This time I’ll review some tips android because it’s not for no reason if Android is getting a lot of use by the users of smartphones. In addition, because it serves a selection of cheaper prices, the reasons why people choose Android than the iPhone also because Android is easily adjusted.

But, many Android users who don’t know how to use the Android smartphone with a good result, so less taste. So, check out the collection of user best tips Android.

These 12 tips Android should be noted by all users Android

1. Take a Screenshot Without Pressing

Take screenshots on Android could do with a button combination. But if installing the application Screenshot Crop & Share, you can take screenshots on Android without pressing any button. Even with this application, you can take a screenshot in part only.

2. Hide Your Files and  Apps Without other Applications

Next Android tips, you do not need to install other applications if you want to hide a file photo, video or application. In Android Lollipop, you live to make Guest Mode or any other mode. So, all files and applications you definitely safe.

3. So the Developer

Even though you are only a user, Google provides access if you want to act as a developer. It’s easy, IE by going to Developer Option on Android. Much you can do if the incoming Developer Option.

4. Accelerate the Lags Android

Don’t need root access to speed up Android smartphone that lags. By going to Developer Options and change all the numbers his Scale Animation, you can speed up the slow yours Android. To activate it you can get to the Settings > Developer Options > and find all the parts with the Animation of Scale.

5. Count on Google

One of the perks of Android is all the system powered by Google. Reasonable just because Android has indeed developed by Google.
Therefore, as long as you use the Android smartphones, one of the tips for users of Android is it’s good you use all services and applications developed by Google.

Google surely will make all its application integrates perfectly with all Android devices. Use Gmail to send email, YouTube application for streaming, Photos for the gallery application, Play Music, play music for Google Keep to make notes, etc.

6. Understand what you Share

All applications for Android requires access to the system so that its application is able to run well. Anyone needs access to contact, camera, location, SMS, etc.
Always read any access required by the application when you install it. Because if not careful, it could be an application is tasked to steal your personal data.

7. Specify the Default application

With the large number of applications that you install from Google Play Store, certainly, there are many applications that have the same functionality between one application with another application. For that, try to specify the default application that according to you it is very convenient to do specific tasks.
For example, making the UC Browser as the default browser than Chrome, or WPS Office as PDF reader than other PDF applications. This will help you save time while opening or running specific functions.

8. Care for the Battery You

As an initial step to extend battery life on Android, you can enable the feature battery saver. Android tips it is important to save battery life with Android you when the battery is running low or live what percent. Set on the rest of the battery what percentage of this feature will be automatically enabled.

9. Monitor the Use of Your Data

Don’t need to be afraid of the quota, the quota usage monitor broke the Internet Settings you Android passing > Data Usage. And view your data usage on mobile networks and WiFi networks.

10. Disable Applications that You Rarely Use

All Android smartphone, except the Nexus One and Android, it definitely comes with a default application or bloatware. In order not to overload the system, you can disable the application in a way get into Settings > Apps and find the application you want to disable.

11. Quick Access to the Settings

Android is provided with a special panel to display the notification. The notification panel you can find quick access to various menus that are on Android. But it’s not only quick access to custom settings, you can also go into the settings menu through the notification panel.

12. Make it a Habit of Multitasking

If you’re using one application and want to switch to another application you used before, trying to use the Recent Apps. ANdroid tips will speed up time than you need to get out first and then look for the new application.

Well, that last 12 best tips Android user so that you are getting good use Android. Don’t need to root Android jamming right lest you so the expert?

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