8 Tips Android Secure from hackers and Password Thieves

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Tips Android Secure – many user smartphones realize if they use mobile phones are still not completely safe. Here are a few tips that aim to protect yourself from the danger of fraud and identity theft. If the steps to maximize the security of Android does not immediately do, the risk of loss of personal information can be upon you, and it will be worse if this is not You soon realized, it will be stolen information more attention others.

Information and important documents such as photos, social media accounts, working document, email accounts, and so on are the information vulnerable to theft and other cybercrime Act. Your personal information can only be sold by irresponsible parties or disseminated on the internet so the whole world knows it, horrified right? Don’t let those things happened to you, here are some steps and tips to maximize the security of your Android device you have.

8 Tips Android Secure from hackers and Password Thieves

1. Activate the “encrypt device” on Your Smartphone

Encryption is a method of data security by using a secret code known only to you. So, using the encryption feature can help maximize security Android phones we’ve got. Encryption feature can be found in the menu “Settings” in Android. After using this feature, it is possible that there will be little change from the performance of the smartphone. You will need a password to access all data of any kind. Guaranteed Androidmu will be safe using this feature.

2. Use the Lock Feature Apps on Android

When needed how to secure a more steady Android, you need to lock all existing applications on Android. Because there are several applications that contain your personal information that you might not want other people to see it. For example, applications chat or galleries of photos and videos that are vulnerable to theft and sensitive nature for others to know.

3. Use the Default Android Screen Lock Feature

One of the security features that Android have IE Lock Screen. There are many types of the Lock Screen is provided, ranging from a Password, PIN, Pattern, to Face the Unlock. Features Lock Screen you can enable in the settings menu of Android. Use the password method is not easy to guess and do not use information relating to personal information into a password on Android. Do not also use the Lock Screen of the third-party applications, because it is easy once hacked.

4. Use a VPN to Chat, Browse, Download, and Video Call

There are many applications that provide free VPN secure way as Android. It would be nice if you use premium or paid. The goal in order to protect the information on Android. If you use a premium VPN version then you will get unlimited lifetime access and toned. VPN tasks i.e. hiding IP address we have when accessing the internet.

5. Do Not Store all Passwords on Your Phone

Many people store their password in websites and other online services. If this custom stilldoeso most likely someone who has malicious intent could have taken all that information and access it. If this happens then the remorse that will occur. Don’t save all the passwords in the list of Android phones, especially for the account information that is particularly vulnerable as internet banking information or other payment information.

6. Create Multiple Accounts in Android

If your phone is not Androidmu you are using it, for example, child, sister, friend, girlfriend, etc, then this step is very important to do. Create some Guest Account on Android phones to separate between the main account and the guest account. This can protect your personal information when we share the phone with other people.

7. Install the Antivirus Application

There are many applications available for Android antivirus, select the one that you think it’s a good and powerful to expel an evil virus-virus could have invaded and stolen data important.

8. Download the Application Only on a Trusted Application Shop

There are countless applications for Android scattered across the Internet, and therefore there are many alternative app stores appears. But of the many app stores, not all of them also ensures the security of data theft and the like. Although the app store was safe, there are also applications that run a specific command behind the scenes to steal user data. It therefore still uses a trusted app store and doesn’t forget to read our policies and requirements when want to download apps in the app store. Usually, each application has specific policies and requirements for its user protecting

Tips Android Secure Protect devices by following the ways above. Never grant access to smartphone devices. Always backup your data, change password Android and other important account passwords every week or every month as required.

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