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List of The Best Beat Making App For Android is virtual music studio app for Android to make songs his own make cover songs, instruments, arrangement, etc.

If you have a smartphone or Android tablet and would like to make music with your device, Google Play Store had a lot of music maker application options to choose from, both beginners as well as experienced professionals.

Application for Making Beat Musical Arrangements on Android

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1. FL Studio Mobile

The Best Beat Making App For Android FL Studio Mobile

Mobile FL Studio is a complete music composer application where you can create multiple project tracks on your Android device. This application package everything you need to make music, including the step sequencer, piano roll, keyboard, drum pad, track editor, effects, and more than 100 sampled instruments.

This application also has real-time effects such as EQ, Delay, Reverb, Limiter, filters, and Amp to boost the quality of mixing. Still lacking? There’s a wave editor to normalize, trim, cut, silence, reverse, fade in or fade out. You can then save the song vintage items in formats WAV, MIDI, AAC and share via the Dropbox and Email.

Download FL Studio Mobile

2. Music Maker Jam

The Best Beat Making App For Android Musik Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is one of the most abundant Android applications used to create music. In this application, we can create your own audio tracks with various kinds of loops, beats, and other music sources. This application provides more than 100 styles of music such as hip-hop, funk, rock, dubstep, drum bass & trap, techno, house, ambient, jazz, etc.; as well as an 8 channel mixer, lets you add effects and mixing on track.

With Music Maker Jam you could be a remix audio tracks with just to wiggle (shake) device. You can also use a loop selector for combining style-style music. There are thousands of loops to choose from as well as voice recording feature where you can record your voice alone.

Music Maker Jam can be downloaded directly from Google Free Play Store, also offers in-app purchases such as libraries or additional loops.

Download Music Maker Jam

3. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

The Best Beat Making App For Android Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is a powerful Android application to make music. How it works this app is you record sounds and can make interesting loops to in-mix on tracks-different audio tracks.

There are countless special effects that you can add, there are over 25 real-time effects such as chorus, compressor, delay, dual delay, reverse delay, reverb, flanger, noise gate, etc. Musicians and DJs can mix into original works of a high-quality stereo sample or a compress.

An additional feature of this application is the MIDI sequencing, Metronome, crossfade, automation, time stretching & normalization, sample rate conversion, etc. When it is finished, you can export the results to a file and share social media.

Download Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

4. Caustic 3

The Best Beat Making App For Android Caustic 3

Caustic 3 free music maker is an application on Android which combines synthesizers and samplers to create a song of his own creations.

With Caustic 3 you have a choice of 14 Synths to create his own music: Beatbox, Organ, Modular, SubSynth, FMSynth, 8BitSynth, PCMSynth, PadSynth, Bassline, Vocoder, and KSSynth. This application also has a desk mixer with effects Delay/Reverb global, a master section with a parametric EQ and limiter.

Music files stored in the creation of storage that is easily accessible to users. You can use a WAV file on the BeatBox, PCMSynth, and Vocoder. The free version of this application includes the in-app help section. You can use this free application forever but with limited features. To enjoy all of its features, buy Caustic Unlock its Key.

Download Caustic 3

5. SunVox

The Best Beat Making App For Android SunVox

SunVox is another powerful Android application to make music. This application is a tool for composition tends to be complex, where not only enable sequencing but also the availability of filters and effects is a modular system of layers.

The effect, among others, is a drum synth with more than 120 votes, SpectraVoice synth-based music creation for the FFT, as well as many other effects. Each effect consists of the sounds of a warm and professional service making it easy to create high-quality studio songs.

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Coupled with the multitrack WAV export, import and export of MIDI, mic/line recording, and real-time recording capabilities more make this application for musicians, especially professional musicians.

Download SunVox

6. Pro Chordbot

The Best Beat Making App For Android Chordbot

Chordbot Pro is a very useful application for songwriters. Very useful for simple chord progressions as well as dabble in a complex. Can also be used to experiment and create different chord progressions and then play them back so that you know how the results. To create a new progression, just select the chord comping style, tempo, and then press “play”.

Download Chordbot

7. Walk Band

The Best Beat Making App For Android walk band

Walk Band is an Android application give you portable band. Support instruments such as Piano, Drum Kit, Drum Machine, Guitar, Bass. All the instruments using realistic instrument sounds. This application also has some default songs that you can try to play.

With this application, you can record different instruments on the multitrack and combines different tracks from certain instruments into an audio track. First, you can use the original recordings-made mu as a base to record other instruments.

Other features are multiple finger support, conversion of MIDI to MP3, MIDI to the external keyboard with USB, upload and share your music recordings, etc. Free anyway.

Download Walk Band

8. Nanoloop

The Best Beat Making App For Android nanolop

Nanoloop is a music maker application with full features that provides all the features you need to make you a nice electronic music be heard. You can create your own electronic music composition to be played when the party, share to the Internet or save it for your personal collection.

Nanoloop offers possibilities up to 6 active channel, either channel of yesteryear is a synth or sampler. In each channel, you can create up to 8 patterns for 2 different instruments that can be in-sequence directly in the application. Nanoloop can also share a project you to Dropbox and SoundCloud.

Download Nanoloop

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