Stop motion apps for androidroid

Stop Motion apps for Android

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Stop Motion apps for Android – for your hobby of editing videos, it is certain to have known the term stop motion. Stop motion is one edit works unique and interesting video that can entertain the consumer demand. In addition to the already professional, not a bit too amateur videos on YouTube that use the concept of stop motion.

If used to make stop motion can only be through the pc, now you can instantly make stop-motion videos via your smartphone. It was not easy to make a stop motion video because it requires high creativity, selection of photos – best photos, a backing sound that fit and much more. Following the application of stop-motion android that can support you to create videos that are cool and the result is preferred by many people.

5 Best Stop Motion apps for Android

Stop motion apps for androidroid

1. Funmotion

Apliasi this cool still indulge users Android apps because Funmotion is very easy on the run by the Android user. By pressing and holding on the part of the screen for recording video, and users having it stop motion video applications on this one is also very easy to use. The user can press several times to make the order of first and last users just choose the check button.

2. Stop Motion Lite

Stop motion lite app for Android this could make stop-motion videos with very fast and easily on used and PAL can directly export favourite photo files on the phone and later in the Gallery play in vlc player, the user application in the service can enjoy the features of the grid overlay and a direct bus to upload the site youtube account.

There are more cool features of motion video applications lite other than can how to make stop motion videos on android as well. There are features that are not less beautiful features to create animations and claymations makes you can create a work of art.

3. Camera PicPac

Is an application that you can use free for creating stop motion video or videos using the pause time directly on the Smartphone and Android Tablet. We can combine different types of images that had previously existed, such as photos from Instagram.

4. Lapse It

It is one of the best android apps stop motion. Lapse it was a versatile application that can be used to edit the videos, one of which can be used to create stop motion. The look is simple but has a professional impression through the features – features.

5. Motion

Application to create stop-motion has a simple interface and easy to use. To create stop motion video, simply select the Start New Project and then record each frame, and then exporting company and we can render video.

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