Easy Steps When Your Smartphone Exposed to Water

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What happens if your smartphone exposed to water? Currently, some of the advanced smartphone features waterproof, such as Samsung Galaxy S7, 7, iPhone or Xperia Sony X series. However, the fact that most current smartphones still does not yet have the waterproof feature. If your smartphone is also included into the smartphone is not waterproof? If Yes, you must pay attention to the following information.

One thing to note, don’t ever panic when one day You accidentally dropped a smartphone into the water. Try to immediately remove the smartphone from the water, and do this by staying calm. Furthermore, there are some things you should avoid, and is also done to prevent and repair damage on your smartphone.

The step doesn’t have to be done when your Smartphone exposed to water

  • Do not turn on your smartphone.
  • Don’t push any buttons.
  • Do not shake or tilt your smartphone. This is done to avoid the water spreads into the components of your smartphone.
  • If you haven’t yet experienced, do not immediately dismantle a smartphone. As some smartphones already come with LIN (Liquid Damage Indicator) which when you dismantle the desultory smartphone indicator on LIN will be active. And this can result in scorched his warranty your smartphone.
  • Do not flutter or blow water from the top of the smartphone. This could result in the entry of water into the inside of a smartphone that can aggravate the damage on your smartphone.
  • To avoid drying out the smartphone with items that are hot like hair dryer or microwave.

The Steps to do When Your Smartphone Exposed to Water

  • If a smartphone is still turned on, immediately turn off your smartphone.
  • Open and remove the casing of your smartphone. Then remove the SIM and microSD card also.
  • Use clothes, paper towels, or other objects that can absorb water. Use your smartphone to dry and make sure you do this with the utmost caution in order not to encourage the entry into the water.
  • If the already severe air attacks, you can use the vacuum to suck up the water trapped in the gaps narrow. Do this very carefully and make sure you can reach small parts such as a microSD slot, SIM cards, as well as batteries.
  • To ensure that the smartphone is completely dry, you can use rice. Rice is great for absorbing the liquid. You can use a lunch box, basin, or other containers, the most important make sure your smartphone completely submerged in rice.
  • Let your smartphone to dry for 24 or 48 hours, do not be tempted to turn it on.
  • After a few days, remove your smartphone from the rice and turn on your smartphone.
  • If Smartphones do not light up, try to do process the charge. If a smartphone has not yet turned on, it is possible the battery is damaged. Immediately take your smartphone to the place of repair professionals.
  • If you are able to live, please test some important features that exist on your smartphones, such as speakers, headsets, cameras, fingerprint, and other important features.

That’s six steps to avoid and nine steps to do if bad things this happens on your smartphone. When you’re working or often bring smartphones in places associated with water, we recommend using a waterproof casing.

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