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Best Alternative Apps Siri for Android 2018

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Siri For Android – Assistant sound today is increasingly popular, and this time, the Series took over at the digital assistant market sounds. Due to a series of very integration and efficiency, the Assistant’s voice has gained popularity among users. While Apple’s own series of digital sound Assistant to help you with different tasks on the iPhone and iPad, this time also there are already alternative solutions available for the Android platform. Siri for developing Android applications with very rapidly. Here we provide some of the best Android apps for the Series that can be a good alternative to Siri for Android smartphones.

Paid Apps For Free Android Market: Alternatives to Google Play Store

Sound Assistant was very helpful in our daily lives. They help you keep track of important things and make your life a little easier to manage. The series not only digital sound Assistant on the market. There are some great people out there. Here we will list the best sound digital assistant for Android OS. If you are looking for some fun time go and ask for some funny things from the series.

The Best 5 Alternate Apps Siri for Android

Google Now

Google now is undoubtedly one of the best personal assistant voice applications on Android. It comes with a large number of features that include the basics, along with things like more advanced anticipating your needs, activation from anywhere, Google is now on tap and many more.

Siri for Android - Google NowSiri for Android - Google Now

It is not enough that this app is solid as a wall but also receive constant updates from Google that seem to only add stability and variety of features. If your device has a service Google Play, you probably already have this installed which means you just need to turn it on. You can also get Google now Launcher that put Google is now at the forefront of Your device interaction.


Microsofts’s Cortana still requires some work but still has a lot of potential for improvement. Microsoft Voice Assistant has a ton of things that can be done and it is integrated into the Windows of 10 for support near seamless, cross-platform.

Siri for Android - Contana

Among the many features including the ability to call people, send SMS and email, take notes, keep track of packages, telling jokes, add items to your calendar, and much more. Cortana may be a little rough around the edges but it’s still better integrated than a lot of other applications on the market.


The Assistant is an application a series like amazing for Android phones. The restaurant serves a purpose has a virtual assistant on your phone. Set the meeting, recognizing the voice, and navigating a map for you efficiently and easily. The assistant application interface is smooth and makes applications that are fun to use.


What makes Siri unique on the iPhone is the ability to run with only say ‘ Hi, ‘ series. Robin — the Challenger Series is the same, fast boot, a lightweight sound Assistant app for Android phones.

Siri for Android - Robin

It boots extremely fast speeds and comes up quickly by pressing the icon of the application. The interface is a bit weird, however; It does not provide a high impact on the app. The interface also has a transparent background which can be a little distracting presence of some color on the drawer. The app can recognize many different accents and text messages can make fun of it easily.

AVC (Alice)

AIVC (Alice) is a standard digital assistant that gets the job done. It has the ability to ask for things as simple as initiating various applications, weather, time, calendar, reminders, and even provide answers to simple math problems.

Siri for Android - Alice

You can also ask for AVC about fun facts about statistics, stocks, and more. Of course, this also includes the basic features such as calling, texting, navigation, alarms, and translation. This is not as complex or subtle as something like Google now but it’s not a bad choice if you just need something simple that helps you keep track of things.

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