5 Awesome Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 #DoBiggerThings

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Samsung has just introduced a new product. Samsung Galaxy Notes 8 in New York, United States, on Wednesday 23 August 2017. Carrying the tagline #DoBiggerThings, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offers a variety of exciting features and sophistication.

On the design side, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 brings the concept of Infinity Display that managed to make it look pretty and unique. Not only cool on the design side, Samsung also equips Note 8 with performance and the kitchen runway super duper speeding, of which 835, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor RAM 6 GB, and 64 GB of storage.

Do not stop there, not the Samsung name if not present unique features on his flagship smartphone. Then what are the unique features that we can find on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

5 Awesome Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 #DoBiggerThings

1. Dual-camera and dual-OIS

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a prime mobile phone Samsung dual-use camera back. Current technology for dual-camera became commonplace, even we can easily find a dual-smartphone camera at an affordable price.

But even though the first embed features, Samsung does not want to pass up a golden opportunity to prove his ability. Yes, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 armed dual-camera telephoto lens consists of a 12 MP with aperture f/2.4 and one wide angle lens RGB 12 MP with aperture f/1.7 plus Dual Pixel technology. Dual-camera also provided technology 2 x optical zoom.

Values more than a dual-camera configuration this is Samsung successfully embed technology dual-OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) on both lenses. So it can certainly result in snapshots or video recording is very stable and minimal noise.

Do not stop there, Samsung also complements this camera with the features of the Live Focus. This feature allows the user to take a picture of bokeh with dramatic results. In fact, we can also set the percentage effect bokeh after or before taking a photo.

2. App pairing

A feature called App pairing successfully delivers the multitasking experience really smooth and responsive. Plus more, this smartphone has a jumbo screen measuring 6.3 inches, so multitasking activity feels more fun.

Simply put, Pairing App feature allows users to open two applications simultaneously in Split Screen mode. For example, users can watch YouTube videos while opening a web browser.

Features multi-window of this kind is in fact already available in some other smartphone, but Pairing App on Note 8 is much more practical and fast. Because we can launch two applications with just one click only.

3. Samsung Dex

In fact, this feature is already available on Samsung Galaxy S8 series but is now improving the performance of Samsung Samsung Dex at Note 8. At this time the update, Samsung Dex allows the user to open the application in full-screen mode.

Not only that, Samsung has also modified the look of the Samsung Dex expected far better than before. In addition, Samsung Dex on Note 8 can also be used for watching streaming videos or play games. Features like this only we can enjoy in the region, in particular, Samsung smartphones Galaxy Note 8.

4. Live Message

Not only improve the ability of S-Pen, Samsung also complements this technology with a feature called Live Message. Put simply, through a Live Message we can make GIF messages very easily.

We just need to write or draw something with S-Pen, next we can send the message to a friend or save it. This is very exciting because we can send a message directly from the results of our own handwriting.

5. Screen-off

True to its name, the series Note indeed devoted to users who often took notes. In the earlier series i.e. Note 7, Samsung managed to introduce the features of a Screen-Off Memo that serve to record or writing under the screen off.

Now Samsung increases the ability of those features. Yes, On Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users can write up to 100 page without turning on the screen though.

In fact, we can also create a reminder or a list of work (to-do list) with the very neat and fast without switching on the screen. This feature would save battery usage on Smartphones.

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