Resolve Google Play Store Errors

How To Resolve Google Play Store Errors With Simple Steps

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How Resolve to Google Play Store Errors? Many users of the Android experience error on Google applications Play Store. The process of downloading applications that fail or Google Play a Store could not be opened is a matter that is often experienced by users of Android.

A few examples of “Google Play Retrieving Information From Server”, “Google Play Error 491”, “Google Play Error RPC”, or “Google Play Error No Connection”. Have you ever encountered a problem like this? If Yes,

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Here’s how to Resolve Google Play Store Errors

Resolve Google Play Store Errors

Check the time and date

Google always check the time and date the Play to run the Store. If the time and date are not appropriate, it will be a problem at Play Store. To fix this problem, change the time and date on your smartphone. You can choose the format of the detection time and date automatically. But if a Play Store still errors, try to set the date and time manually.

Check the internet connection

We never encountered a case where a user cannot access Google’s Play because of unstable internet connections. This may seem trivial, but by checking the internet connection can actually solve the problem. Try to switch from WiFi networks to cellular data or vice versa.

Update Google Play

This may be rare, but sometimes we use Smartphones don’t make updates Play Store automatically. If you encounter error Store Play, it never hurts to check its version. And make sure you’re using the latest version.

Update Google Play services

In addition to Play Store, you must also install the latest version of Google’s Play Service. Because to be able to operate, Google Play Store requires Google Play Service. So, try to check Your version of Google Play Service, if it is not up to date, please do the update.

Clear the cache and the data Google Play

In some cases, the problem on Google Play Store can be resolved by clearing your cache. Cache is a temporary storage place so that application data can be opened quickly without the need to load again. Try going to the settings menu-> management applications and select the application Google Play Store, and then click the clear cache button. If the issue is not resolved, try removing also the data on the application Store with Play button click clear data.

Repeated sign-in

If a problem on Google Play Store still hasn’t done well, then you need to reset the Google account. Try to remove an existing Google account, then re-enter it. Or, you can also create and register a Gmail account that is completely new.

Disable VPN

The last step can try is disabling the VPN. It is true, by enabling the VPN you will find interesting information on the outside of your geographic location. Even you can install applications Play Store from other countries. However, VPN can cause problems on Google Play Store in your area stay current.

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