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Projector App For Android Phone – A wireless projector is sorely needed, for many things, such as sharing information. However there are enough things interfere with the existence of the cable, the cable is very making a title, so it was quite a hassle. but you don’t have to worry, because now already is the best solution.

Projector apps for Android are currently widely available, mostly, It has a multi-functional, here we give you several options of android apps for a projector for you.

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Top 5 Projector App For Android Phone & Tablet

Projector App For Android Phone - Androidroid

1. Epson iProjection

Epson iProjection Projector is an intuitive mobile app for Android. application It’s quite easy to use. You can project images, documents or projects from Epson with the functions of the network.

Download Epson iProjection

2. Wifi Android-Doc

WiFi-Doc is the projector app for Android, this one has features that allow you to make the wireless presentation directly from your mobile device to the receiver that is compatible with high quality. This projector is easy to use application. Simply install it on your phone, and then Connect to the same WiFi network of recipients, you can simply select one of the files, and then you’ll be ready for the event.

Download Wifi Android-Doc

3. Mobile Projector

A mobile projector is one of the best application projectors very much functions as a complement to the presentation. There are applications from two options: server and client. Steps to start a program, you just need to copy it to the file server on the laptop and then create a Wi-Fi network, and then run projector Mobile on your Android device and directly connected to the server.

Download Mobile Projector

4. Panasonic Wireless Projector

Panasonic wireless project is another android app projector that allows wireless projection with many types of document files: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PNG, PDF, and JPEG through the Android devices. Usage is very easy.

Download Panasonic Projector

5. Pixelworks VueMagic Pro

Pixelworks ‘ VueMagic Mobile Presenter allows simple connectivity to the projector using an Android device via WiFi network. There are many new features that will give you the ability to have full control over the projector from the ease of your Android mobile device.

Download Pixelworks VueMagic Pro

How to use a Projector App For Android Phone

After studying all the Android mobile phone projector application above, here I would like to take an example Epson iProjection app for example and shows you how to use the projector app for Android with steps It is very simple.

How to use Epson App iProjection for Android

  • The first step Please Connect phone network projector.
  • The second step is to run the application and select the projector to connect.
  • Lastly please select your web page, document or photo you want to project and Presentasikan

Hope this is helpful and happily try androidroid, greetings.

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