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MomentCam – There are many applications of photography that is on the market, but not all of it has features funny or entertaining. One of the applications desists MomentCam Caricatures.

These applications help you take or import images from your gallery to create caricatures cartoon or funny emoticons. Aplikasinini comes up with a lot of useful features and some settings. MomentCam the Caricatures became a fun way to entertain yourself with its many features.

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MomentCam Sleek Look with many Tools


MomentCam did not come with instructions or tutorials for new users, but there are a few tips on the screen that you can check. MomentCam has the settings menu which actually can’t you find in all the photos application, but this setting simply allows you to login to one of the social networking accounts and you do not really choose the destination folder or file format of the output.

MomentCam has a feature that lets you calibrate your camera and make sure you are ready to take pictures. Moreover, this application just fitted some portion to share with a friend or rating the application.

Capture images or import photos from the Gallery

One of the nice thing about this MomentCam is present with visual animations and effects so that you stay entertained. You can access the camera and take a picture or import photos from your gallery.

MomentCams is equipped with many features, among othersto convert the image into caricatures, to become an emoticon and another for family portraits or group photo. Emoticons can be shared on Facebook Messenger.

Change the image into a cartoon caricature


It seems that the application is not always functional and has some problems so do not always manage to load the images from your gallery. However you managed to pick the photos, you can adjust the marker for the eyes and mouth and gender so that applications customize your facial caricature.

You will have access to many pictures and caricatures, as well as the option to choose from a variety of face shapes, hairstyles, expressions, bandana, earrings and more.You can also view the gallery with any kind of design even download more from the internet.

MomentCam also lets you add text bubbles, change the style and use a brush to draw caricatures. Once that is done you can save the pictures to the gallery and share it by using many shortcuts to social networks.

Download MomentCam for Android

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