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KODAK Printer App For Android – Stumped want to print a document but not bringing a Laptop? Don’t worry now you can easily print documents only through a wireless printer with Android via the Google Cloud Print.

This application allows you to print documents or photos via your Android device with Goole Cloud Print.

The application is very easy. To get started, simply by setting the Google Cloud Print account. then connect your Kodak printer to your wireless service. and complete, you can print from your Android device is free anytime you want!

KODAK Printer App For Android

Some Supported file types KODAK Printer App For Android include:

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, text, image files such as jpg, jpeg, BMP, png, gif, and others. And that is important, is that you can access in Google Docs, DROPBOX and EVERNOTE’s site. A web page can be accessed using the KODAK Document Print.

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The Following Excerpt KODAK Document Print

“In today’s mobile society, it’s important that we provide a solution that allows people to print what they want, when they want, from wherever they are in the world,” said Susan Tousi as Vice President. “The launch of KODAK documents print App is one way we make mobile Printing simple and accessible, while also offering high-quality output at an affordable price.”

How to Print Documents From Android With Kodak Printer

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