How To Resolve Google Now Error With a Simple Method

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The presence of features Google “Google Now”, Assistant, or also known “OK Google” made many people reluctant to typing and prefer to say what they are looking for. Just like a personal assistant, OK Google make the job easier and faster.

However, some people experience an error or problem on the features of Google’s smartphone is OK. If you include people who experienced it, we will share ways to overcome this problem. Want to know what kind of a way to solve it? Refer to the following information.

How To Resolve Google Now Error With a Simple Method

Check Your Language Settings

If Google Now does not respond to any of your speech, most likely setting the language you use is wrong. This Google Now can not detect every word and Your greeting. So, make sure you use the correct language setting. To check and change it You can sign into the Google Apps-search-> > > sound language.

Check The Microphone

As a voice-based system, Google is Now very dependent on the performance of Your phone’s microphone. Try to pay attention to when you open Google Apps Now and say a Word, the microphone icon on the right side of the search box will appear in bold with the fuel lines attached. But if the resulting line is dashed, likely a microphone on your cell phone is problematic.

In many cases, this happens because the microphone on a smartphone clogged by dust or dirt. Clean with safety pins or the like and concluding this way with great care. Most smartphones put the microphone next to the USB port. Don’t forget also to check the microphone settings on your Google settings.

Turn Off The S Voice For User Samsung

There is no apparent reason why this could have happened, but in some cases, S Voice belonging to Samsung compatible not with Google Now or it could be called a crash. So just select one, if you use Google more frequently Now, just turn off the feature S Voice on Your Samsung smartphone or vice versa.

Reset Google Now

If the above methods do not work, the only thing you can do is reset the features of Google Now on your mobile. To do this, go to settings-Google search-> > voices > detection “Google”-OK > give the box next to the option “from the Google app”. Adjust as you set a feature Google OK on the first time you activate it.

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