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Free Internet in Android is currently much sought after especially the users Smartphone. This caused most Android applications using the data of the internet. So it will take a lot of data which affects his extravagant internet quota. Why have money many ways the free internet is not necessary, but for the mediocre or money make this school which is still very interesting? I myself know free internet from the year 2009. I myself can not how to set smartphone to get free internet, after read-read the article on google my own and can arrange it.

For the moment set free internet is indeed a little hard, but the effort utilizing cellular services security vulnerabilities certainly can. Below I will pass on some of the ways the internet free on Android that is currently widely used.

4 ways free Internet in Android that is commonly used:

1. How free internet in Android using HTTP – Http-Injectors injector is an application that combines the ssh accounts, bug operator, and payload. The way it is now the most widely used.

2. How free internet in Android using Psiphon-Psiphon is an Android application that functions the IP Address shifted. In addition to redirecting the IP Address, Psiphone can be used for free internet in some operator.

3. How free internet in Android using SSH (Secure Shell)-before the hp Android popular SSH as it currently is widely used for free internet on your computer. Because the current user of the hp Android very much application SSH made for hp Android as well.

4. How free internet in Android using VPN (Virtual Private Network)-from the name already appears this VPN function, namely to disguise the IP on a computer network either LAN or WAN. In this case many applications like VPN OpenVPN to use free internet using VPN.

Because with this application a person could access the internet without the use of a pulse or quota. The application of this function to redirect connections from internet users to the internet service provider. This application is very popular at previous Symbian users. Now that Symbian android loses then this application ever made for the android system too.

Actually lots of ways to get free internet. But here I only deliver 4 just a way to get free internet on Android.

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