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Fetlife App For Android – FetLife is a social networking website that features media cater to people interested in BDSM, fetishism, and stubbornness. FetLife appears different by focusing its application as a network of social media for a dating site for its users. This Apps was created is not dedicated to any particular sexual orientation or gender; everyone can use it.

This app is also similar to other social networking applications such as Facebook or MySpace, which allows each user can create their own profiles, share photos and videos, as well as interacting via the comments field. one of the uniquely Media will only publish user and seen by his friends from FetLife only. The only paid service of the application is that you have to pay to see the videos of other users.

Fetlife App For Android

Fetlifes App For Android

Interesting other features namely “Groop” on FetLife every Member can make a group/group dedicated to the fetish of any kind in accordance with what they choose. There are many groups of thousands, there are many groups/communities that are intended to solve and answer questions, elaborate thematic, “asked the dominant”, “ask for a Stripper” and others. Group members can post an event by date, location, costs, clothes, and other information freely. The location can be hidden and can only be viewed individually by the owner of the event to the participants. The user, on the events page, with the option of very appropriate answers demonstrating that they “will attend” or “maybe attending”.

You can download the Fetlife App For Android link above or here

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