Connect Android To Pc Without Cable

How To Connect Android To Pc Without Cable

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Connect Android to PC – While it cannot be denied that growing increasingly sophisticated technology over almost any event can be used to help our daily activities are no exception regarding the things that we will discuss here.

as is the case in the world of work, we as employees of course wholeheartedly give the best to the company. We definitely spend more time at the Office than anywhere else, even when at home we still often take care of unfinished work that is done at.

The Smartphone certainly become mandatory means in order to support the work. Various applications smartphones capable of supporting the activities of the work, one of which is an application to Connect Android to PC.

Best 5 Apps Connect Android to Pc Without Cable

How To Connect Android To Pc Without Cable

1. Pushbullet

The first apps Connect Android to PC With Pushbullet, you can access all of the notification or the notification of the application in the Android smartphone that you want will appear from your PC, so you don’t have to bother anymore check out your device when alert notice reads.

It’s not just limited to synchronization notification only, you can also send links, images, files, list, not even the address on Google Maps via the application Pushbullet.

These applications transfer files easily and very quickly. So, you no longer need to connect the data cable. This method also works vice versa (transfer from PC to Android). The Best Apps Android File Transfer 2018.

By enabling Remote Access File, you can even access files on your PC remotely via smartphones and vice versa.

2. Cortana

Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant

With Cortana, all Notification of Android appeared on the PC. This is thanks to the presence of a Windows update 10 Anniversary you can get Android notifications on your PC. Yes, the first condition to apply these tips is you should use Windows update’s 10 Anniversary.

These tips rely on virtual assistants based sound shot by Microsoft IE Cortana. In addition, you can also control your smartphone via a computer with voice commands.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

If you’re out of the Office, but there are things you need to arrange urgently. Well, you can do a remote access to a PC. (File Transfer Application Without Bluetooth)

Chrome remote desktop is an application that you can take advantage of to access your PC with Android smartphone via long distance. While there are limits on the extent to which you can access the application.

Latest updates of Chrome on Android Remote Desktop allows you to stream audio. In addition to weakness, because there is latency or delay, another feature of this application is still running well.

If you work in parallel and want to know what’s going on your PC, such as a video, you can now listen to it from the devices connected.

4. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

In addition to Chrome remote desktop, you can also rely on the application of Microsoft Remote Desktop to access a Windows-based PC/laptop remotely using a mobile device for Android or iOS.

Make sure the PC that will be remote and Android that will be me-remote must be connected to the same chain one. Remote desktop access features in the PC must also be enabled.

5. Spacedesk (Remote Display)

The last apps Connect Android to PC with Spacedesk – If you also want to feel the experience of using a desktop but do not have an extra monitor, you can connect your Android.

By making Android devices to the PC monitor as you, of course, allows you to work on several things at once. To make your Android device as an extra monitor on your computer, we will rely on an application called Spacedesk. You have to install on your Android device and also your computer.

That’s 5 best Android apps for the Connect Android to PC. So, you can send files easily from Android to PC or vice versa. Opens smartphones notification from your PC, access your PC remotely and also connects Android smartphones are becoming an additional monitor.

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