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Call Forwarding –  There are many applications call forwarding available in the play store, but not all of them are created equal. That’s why we are pleased to offer this guide calls the best forwarding applications available for Android. Whether you are looking for an application that is simple to use when you are on vacation, or you need something with a little more privacy and security, we’ve got you covered below.

The Best 5 Call Forwarding Apps For Android

The Best Call Forwarding Apps For Android

1. Forward my Calls

Forward my calls is an application that works well enough to make the cut on our list because of its simplicity and ease of access. After you run the application for the first time, you will be asked to enter your mobile carrier. After you select your operator (or try another operator option if you do not see Your registered)

Call forwarding manual is the default option: you enter the number you want to call forward to, and once you choose “Advanced” to begin forwarding all calls to your phone are currently to the desired number. If you want to stop forwarding calls, select “Cancel” from the option to turn off call forwarding manual.

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2. Automatic Call Forwarding

Automatic Call Forwarding is an application that is designed to release a new phone in the application call forwarding them. as I forward call, Automatic Call Forwarding to have a manual and automatic mode which allows you to decide when and how to forward your calls based on the current status of your phone.

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in terms of display, Automatic Call Forwarding may seem a little more complicated to set up than it really was. The opening Setup screen asking you to input the data SIM you may not know, including information about you “enable” prefix and suffix, and number deactivation. Don’t worry too much about these arrangements; for most operators, use the “Default” settings by pressing the Default button next to each setting will work well for your SIM card data.

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3. Call Forwarding

Call forwardings is an important option to ensure your calls are forwarded quickly and effectively. You can set your call will be forwarded in many situations, including forwards any calls you receive, forward your calls when you receive a call when you are not around, and forward your calls even when you are not can be achieved. You can put your main device in airplane mode and Call Forwarding will handle the rest, Your ports of call to the new number you have submitted.

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4. Remote Call Divert

There are different things with Remote Call divert is how the actual setup is different from every other app on this list. While most of these applications require you to first enable call forwarding on your main phone before switching to a second, long-distance call divert enables you to turn on call forwarding using text messages from another phone. So if you leave your phone somewhere, but have a backup phone on you, you can activate the call forwarding you without big problems, provided that you have enabled your password first.

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5. SMS Call Forward / Divert

Just as with our previous application, SMS call Divert/forward allows for the activation of call forwarding with only text messages sent from mobile phones is secondary, but it adds a little more functionality from the Remote Call Divert. You can choose to forward a text message and call you, and you can even command your phone to turn on or off settings.

Use a list of text commands, you can control the main phone to perform the following tasks:

  • Request a list of all available remote commands
  • Contact request & Request Status.
  • GPS location request last device.
  • Trigger the ringing phone.
  • Disable mobile data & Enable mobile data.
  • mobile data connection status and much more.

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That’s the list of recommendations 5 Android Apps For Call Forwarding, you can use to maximize the performance of your smartphone and eases your Affairs may be useful and good luck.

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