10 Best Weather App For Android Phone – Forecast and Radar

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Best Weather App For Android Phone, The development of sophisticated technology certainly can make it easier to implement a human being in a day – the day, can even see the weather, be it rain, heat, snow, or spring.

With the help of the Android technology, now this user in installing the application of weather (Weather), and free of charge in the slightest, just need an internet connection to update weather forecasts, either internationally or nationally. When you go to the Office, at least you can know if this day later going to rain or not. You can prepare a raincoat, umbrella, or coat.  What Is The Best Weather App For Android Phone?

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A List Of The Best Weather App For Android Phone

Best Weather App For Android Phone – Forecast and Radar

Google Play Store provides a variety of options regarding the application of Weather/Weather which of course can be downloaded for free. There are also equipped with widgets and hours. For more details, check out some of the options on the following Android Weather applications.

1. AccuWeather

best weather apps android accuweather

The first weather application that I can recommend is named hosts of AccuWeather Accuweather.com. As a company, the application is able to provide weather data on the location we wanted to accurately. Every day, more than 1.5 million Android users worldwide rely on this app to find out weather forecasts that will affect them. This application provides more than 100 languages in the world and will continue to evolve.

The team from AccuWeather weather source is working with private and government parties directly. In addition to looking at the weather conditions, the user can also see the news about the news of the weather in the other hemisphere. When the application is active, AccuWeather will all be directly integrated with GPS features in order to be able to give you the weather forecast in accordance with your precise location and accuracy. This most accurate weather app for Android.

Download AccuWeather Via Google Play Store

2. 360 Weather: Weather Forecast

Weather 360 is a free Android application developed by 6thSolution which is able to provide weather forecasts in real-time per hour or 10 days. Not only weather news only, you can also see information about the temperature, weather conditions, minimum and maximum temperature, wind speed, rainfall, and humidity. These applications work together to provide the most accurate in the World Weather sources such as Wunderground, forecast.io and world weather.

You don’t have to open the app to view weather forecasts since this application provides features and Weather Widget with themes (the look of) an interesting and cool. Only with direct interface to screen Home Screen, you can directly view the weather forecast was going on. In addition, coupled also with the small icon on the notification part of lay’s picture bar which certainly eases the android user saw the weather forecast was going on. Interested in trying, download free via Google Play Store.

Download Weather 360 Via Google Play Store

3. The Weather

As the name suggests, this application is made to view the weather forecast which was going on at the moment. The hosts of the MacroPinch application is able to provide information about the weather for an hour once a week and all. With just one click, all the information about the weather will look. There is an animation of the move on the part of the notification bar indicates your current weather naturally later, be it rain, heat, snow, spring, or more.

Weather application supports geo-positioning, which means it is able to detect your Android phone and will provide weather information in accordance with the position of the phone. Weather application is also the lightest application in Google’s Store, and the Play certainly won’t weigh your android phone.

Download Weather Via Google Play Store

4. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is a weather application Android hosts from Yahoo. We do not expect – it turns out that Yahoo would also make a weather application for smartphones and Android tablet. Yahoo Weather is a weather application that is unique and different from other weather applications. It looks cool, which is equipped with image and photo – photo weather according to your location makes your Android look more interesting and not boring. Quite a shift with your fingers then weather information on your location when it will also be shown accurately, coupled with the estimated temperature for 14 hours in 10 days.

There are features of the Weather Widget that you can paste on your Home Screen to make it easier to see the news in the weather and temperature. This application is free, you can download directly via Google Play Store.

Download Yahoo Weather Via Google Play Store

5. The Weather Channel

best weather apps android the weather channel

With the application of “The Weather Channel,” you can decide to go out of the House based on the most accurate and reliable weather forecasts ever. With this application, you can see the weather forecast anywhere and anytime. All weather forecasts will be measured based on units of measurement metric, imperial, and regions. In addition to the weather, you can also get information about humidity, dew point, and Sun.

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There is also a feature of the warnings of bad weather and rain will happen on your location at the time. Bad weather usually is most often experienced in the country – Western countries such as Europe and America. Want to know details about the reviews application The Weather Channel, check out Google’s Play directly from the Store.

Download The Weather Channel Via Google Play Store

6. 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

best weather apps android 1Weather

Next android weather application named 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar from the hosts’ developers OneLouder Apps. 1Weather be the best applications as category Apps Weather on Phandroid order No. #1. In addition, the application also entered on CNN Tech as a TOP 25 Application must download the Android user.

Application 1Weather can predict weather accurately in accordance with your location, added with other predictions such as temperature, wind speed, Visibility, humidity, UV Index, Barometric Pressure, Dew Point, as well as the percentage Chance of Precipitation. Within an hour it once or 10 days, the application will provide an update on the weather forecast. Interested in trying, download free Play Google through the afternoon. 1Weather is Best Free Weather Radar App For Android.

Download 1Weather Via Google Play Store

7. Weather Widget & Clock Android

best weather apps android weather clock widget android

The next Weather app named Android Weather Widget Clock & developed by Devxpert.NET. This application is not inferior to other weather applications because this application can provide weather forecasts in accordance with the position of the Android user. As the name suggests, the application also provides Weather and clock in the form of Widgets that you can paste on your Android Home Screen.

Every 15 minutes, the Weather application will provide an update on the weather. Automatically, the application can detect the presence of Weather you through GPS features. The purpose is to make weather information provided to you is more accurate and more precise. You need to know that this application has been downloaded more than 1.6 million Android users around the world. Then, how about you?

Download Weather Clock Widget Android & Via Google Play Store

8. Transparent Clock & Weather

Transparent Clock & Weather is weather forecast application and android can best edit in and match according to your needs. There are many unique features and sophisticated, all of which you can use freely and for free. The existence of the feature Wifi and GPS will make more accurate weather forecasts in accordance with your location.

For 4 days, the application will provide an update on the weather forecast was going on. Available size 4 types of Widgets that you can install, ranging from size 2 × 1, 1 × 4, 4 × 2 and 6 × 2. Interested in trying, download free via Google Play Store.

Download Transparent Clock & Weather Via Google Play Store

9. Indonesia Weather PRO XL

Application of artificial weather nation named Indonesia Weather XL PRO from Developers Exovoid Sàrl. With this application, you can view the weather information that exists in Indonesia precisely and accurately. From the end of Sabang to Merauke, everything will be served in full and detail, from the cities of Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Medan, Aceh, Padang, Pontianak, Denpasar, Manado, and all other cities.

This application can only be used in Indonesia. For 10 days, this application will give you the latest updates on the weather forecast in detail starting from rain, sleet, snow, fog, wind, storm, UV index, dew point, humidity, and air pressure.

Download Weather PRO XL Indonesia Via Google Play Store

10. Amber Weather

best weather apps android amber weather

Recommendations concerning the last weather application I can give i.e. Amber Weather. More than 10 million people use this application as a way to get the latest forecast on the weather is going to happen. Not only Indonesia but also buses used outside the country because it is available in over 30 languages.

Bored with the look of quiet, of course, you could do a full on applications ranging from widgets, Weather Icon Packs, wallpapers, and fonts. Interested in trying, download free via Google Play Store.

Download Amber Weather Via Google Play Store

So brief reviews about weather forecast Application For Android may be helpful and useful. If anyone wants to add anything, Write through the comments field below. Thank you

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