The Best 5 Music and Voice Recorder App for Android

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Voice Recorder for Android – Record high-quality audio on android apps best Voice Recorder Apps for Android. So there comes a time when you just want to record sound on Android smartphones you whether it’s only recording new ideas, make voice notes or get the full interview where good sound recorder application is very important.

At this time we’ll be posting discusses some of the voice recorder application. See More: Best Music Apps Android Free Download

Best 5 Music and Voice Recorder App for Android

Voice Recorder for Android- Easy Voice Recorder

1. Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is a simple application that is dedicated to recording sound on android devices. With this application you android phone into a high-quality audio recording device.

The free version of the application support functions to record high-quality sound with PCM format and the output WAV file with a clear voice. Users can quickly start recording without launching the application, just press the button on the widget. This application is also smart enough to filter out sounds are produced.

Download Easy Voice Recorder

2. RecForge Lite – Audio Recorder

RecForge voice recorder app for Android with a lot of options to configure the sound quality or edit your own tracks. With this application, you can record, edit sound, music sharing, notes, or other audio.

RecForge Audio Recorder allows you to convert your recordings to different file types: MP3, WAV and Ogg. On the application, uga is also able to set up the initial format of the recorded sound quality of the recording, and the channel either mono or stereo.

Download RecForge

3. Smart Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder for Android - Smart Voice Recorder

Smart voice Recorder is a free audio recorder for Android phones to record high-quality sound and has many functions and can be used for recording business meetings or other important events.

Even this application can be used to record the conversation of the night even snoring sound. You will have the opportunity to choose the quality of the sound recorded from 8Hz to 44Hz. even you can skip the sound “silent/quiet” automatically as it features real-time spectrogram.

As soon as you open the application, you can see the big red clock, when pressed, the application will start recording audio. Smart voice Recorder is one of the best recording apps for android available. Important and well designed, and very easy to use.

Download Smart Voice Recorder

4. Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder for Android is the fastest and simplest ways to record sound wherever you are; You should do only pressing the REC and press it again when you’re done the recording. When you’re done, create a title for the file to be saved with the date and time of the recording.

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Through this application, you can do a search to find the specific recording you want without having to search through from the entire list. The most interesting feature of this application is the possibility of a scheduled recording at a specified time for a specified time. You can also send recordings via email and set a recording as a ringtone.

Download Voice Recorder

5. Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder for Android - Tape a Talk

Tape-a-Talk is a high-quality voice recorder for Android devices that are capable of recording audio, record sound, voice memo and support recording in the background, even when the screen is off. You will have the option to save your recording as wav or file 3gp depending your preference.

You can also share the footage quickly with anyone you want via email, upload to Dropbox, or FTP. Tape-a-Talk also allows You to select the recording as a ringtone.

Download Tape-a-Talk

That’s a list of 5 Voice Recorder Application & music for Android may be useful and good luck.

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