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Hospital Games –  sometimes became an attractive game to play when you’re bored with your usual gameplay. In addition to his role as a doctor or a nurse, some games also require you to manage the pain of his own home.

Well, for those of you who want to try to play the game are themed home, here are some names of games themed hospital.

4 Best Game Theme Hospital Games

Games Like Theme Hospital

1. Theme Hospital

This game is already long enough, i.e. in the year 1997. If you following will get a game that requires you to take care of sick people like at home, then you would be wrong.

This game presents a slightly different game, how to treat it not only with injected drugs, or drinking anyone ask her legs broken back in order to recover, there are unisex which ask for his head blown up.

2. Fun Hospital

Fun Hospital is a hospital in the next game that You play. In this game, players can build, decorate their hospitals as well as recruiting physicians and other staff. Disease patients suffered in this game is also unique and funny.

The unique concept is indeed a bulge in this game, it is also proved by a wide range of unique characters such as aliens and a super whiz. Another interesting feature of this game is the existence of a forum can be a medium for interacting with other players.

3. Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal

In this game, the player must take care of the patients who arrive with their inoculate or even do surgery for patients who had an accident. In addition, the game features a romantic storyline by presenting doctor named Allison as the main character.

4. My Hospital

At My Hospital, players are invited to produce the drugs themselves and build hospitals and manage it. In addition, players can sell drugs and other items at pharmacies belong to them and they were able to buy drugs at pharmacies and other items belonging to other players. The player can also decorate their hospital as beautiful as possible and get as many challenges through the mini-games.

That’s some game recommendations from our Hospital Games, good play and this may be useful information for you.

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