5 Games The Most Successful Throughout Of The Year 2017

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Games – In the last decade, the year 2017 seemed to be the best in the industry of video games. Because in the year 2017 is an awful lot of the latest series of the franchise finally appeared again after a year of ‘ rest ‘. Like Assassin’s Creed, Origins and Need For Speed Payback.

Not only that, in the year 2017 did the latest gaming consoles from Nintendo i.e. Nintendo Switches released in the market complete with a wide array of the best exclusive games. Rather than curious, Please refer to the big 5 games successful elections caused the success in the year 2017.

5 Games The Most Successful Throughout Of The Year 2017

1. Zero Dawn Horizon

One exclusive game PS4 i.e. Horizon Zero Dawn seems to fit the best games was crowned in the year 2017. In addition to a fantastic sales figures, this game also jacked up the popularity of the PS4 as the best console beat the Xbox One.

Horizon Zero Dawn myself about a hunter named Alloys that are living in the post-apocalyptic where robot dinosaurs alive. Artificial Guirella game Games combines the open-world genre with strong RPG and action in it.

2. Legend Of Zelda-Breath Of Wild

Legend Of Zelda – Breath Of Wild became the first game from Nintendo switches managed great success in the market. World open-world fantasy theme dressed offers managed to steal the attention of gamers and at least enough to crank up sales numbers Nintendo switches. The world in this game is solid yet slender counted at the same time.

Older games for the series, the Legend Of Zelda – BOW success and fresh into the modern game did not lose its identity. Then it is no wonder if this game manages to snatch the award for Game Of The Year in The Game Awards 2017 yesterday.

3. Nioh

The year 2017 seems filled with successful RPG games and one of them is Nioh. The game originally exclusive to this PS4, also eventually released for the PC in November. Nioh story focus to attempt a samurai descendant of Ireland named Williams to finish off monsters that live in the Sengoku period in the year 1600.

This game got a lot of positive reviews related theme and gameplay on offer. In the first two weeks since its release, this game has already sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

4. Resident Evil 7

At the beginning of the recognized result, many who thought if Resident Evil 7 will end up being a game-themed horror ‘ ghosts ‘, not zombies. But, a spokesman for Capcom says if RE 7 remains about zombies.

Released early in the year 2017, this game got a lot of positive reviews. What’s more, the decision to use first person shooter as its accounting work. RE 7 tells the story of a business’s own Ethan Winters in search of his wife Mia in a mysterious house belonging to the family of Bakers. There’s a terrible fact discovered Ethan and threaten his life.

5. FIFA 18

Along with PES, FIFA slowly but surely began to grow into a popular sports game. Regardless of the controversy in the year 2017, EA FIFA still presents something interesting is played as well as a wide array of features and new fashion patisseries. In addition, the quality of the graphics and animation of dynamic players who became the main weapon of this football game.

One of the advantages that are rarely found in other games besides FIFA player as well as updates is 18 ability every week that makes it more real. No wonder then, if in the first week since the release of this game has been the number one game in the United Kingdom.

It last 5 games that manage to reap success in the year 2017. Those games above are indeed like to gain more appreciation, given the story and gameplay that presented interesting to play.

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