5 The Best Female Safety Application for Android Phone

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Female Safety Application – Women’s safety has been a top priority of the Government to consider an increase in crimes against women. There are many different security applications present to Android which is designed for the protection and security of women.

Therefore we have compiled a list of 6 best safety application for the woman who will ensure that they are not alone anywhere they go. Basically, all applications on this list have a similar way of working, i.e. with a list of emergency contacts for users, sending GPS location

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Best Female Safety Application for Android

5 Best Female Safety Application for Androidroid

1. Safetipin

Best Female Safety Application for Android - Safetipin

Safetipin is one of the good choices when speaking of security applications for females. This application also marks the area safe with score their safety to go there when the problem occurred. Safetipin also allows the user to mark unsafe areas and help others. Safetipin is available in Hindi, the language of Spain, and the United Kingdom and.

Download Safetipin-Androidroid

2. Raksha women safety alert

Best Female Safety Application for Android - Raksha

Raksha application designed to ensure that women stay always safe. The application is equipped with a button that will send alerts to people that you love along with the location of you when in a situation of danger. You can choose the contact that will be able to see the location of you.

In addition, if the application is turned off and does not work then you will also be able to send alerts by simply pressing the volume button for three seconds. This application also has the function of SOS and can also send SMS if stuck in an area out of reach of the internet.

Download Raksha women safety alert-Androidroid

3. Women’s Safety

Best Female Safety Application for Android - Women Safety

Women Safety will send you all the details related to the location you just by pressing the button once. This application will send an SMS to the number you have configured along with the location and the link from Google Maps. This application will also take two pictures of the front and rear camera which will directly upload to the server.

Women’s Safety application consists of three colored buttons based on the seriousness of the situation. So you can press one of you depending on the situation at the time.

Download Women Safety-Androidroid

4. Shake2Safety

Best Female Safety Application for Android - Shake2Safety

A shake2safety application is the easiest to used between other applications in the list. Users just need to wiggle their smartphone or pressing the power button four times to send an SOS text or call the number listed.

Shake2Safety can work on a smartphone with a locked screen and even without an internet connection. In addition, users also have the ability to enable or disable the option “waggle” tool to send alerts.

Download Shake2Safety-Androidroid

5. BSafe

Best Female Safety Application for Android - Besafe

BSAFE application can be used to ensure the safety and security of women. bSafe allows emergency contacts to stay abreast of movements through GPS trail to live. You can also set the alarm time will be read if you have not done ‘ check in ‘ during the trip.

In addition, there is also the Guardian Alert button, which will soon tell your friends or family members.

Download The BSAFE-Androidroid

That’s the reference from androidroid about the 5 Best Female Safety application for Android may be useful and Thank you.

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