The Best 50 GB Cloud Storage Apps For Android

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What Is The Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android? – As we know android is the most exciting technology, and from the Android user Statistics surprising. Although in the United States with the smartphone market and more appropriate for ios as an option. But Google’s Android as owners continue to do development in a variety of things and in particular the provision of cloud storage to facilitate users in storing different kinds of files and their data easily and securely.

Now is the era of Android, has a storage cloud is an excellent idea and many needed Android user. because it does not reduce your internal storage in smartphones, making it easier to store and share files without the need to carry hard drives everywhere.

Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android Free Save Your Files of 2017

Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android to save your Files

The good news for you, because you can get it easily because it is already widely available in store play cloud storage service that is amazing an app for Android! There are several options of free cloud storage application here that does not cost you anything!


Google drive cloud storage


Google Drive offers a variety of useful features, as well as the de-facto cloud storage options available on the new phone, is very useful. There is 15 GB free storage, a wide ran, e of the integrated document, spreadsheet and presentation platform, flexible enough to present a convincing argument for the majority of users android.

With deep integration for Android, Google Drive is the logical choice for users in storing files safely and easily in cloud storage apps for Android.

Download Could Storage Google Drive


Mega cloud storage


MEGA cloud storage apps for Android provides 50 GB of cloud storage free with offers encryption end-to-end secure in order to combat the violation of privacy and safeguard your personal information.

But, if you think 50 GB less and require more than 50 GB of storage that is available for free, then you can pay between €4.99 and €29.99 per month for cloud storage 4 TB of space and 8 TB bandwidth. You can easily view and update the files on your desktop or browser via MEGA with the Android phones.

Download Could Storage MEGA


Amazon cloud storage


Amazon services Drive come in two options: free and paid. The first option is free, you can surely guess, Amazon gives customers unlimited free storage for storing image files and data with up to 5 GB.

As for Cloud Storage Paid party Amazon boasts Everything possible you can use cost about $60 per year cheaper than Google Drives a little bit with the price $100 per year for 1 TB. Amazon Drive also supports automatic Backup and easily accessible with all your devices. However, for large files, you can use the desktop is in need.

Download Could Storage Amazon


Dropbox cloud storage

Cloud Storage Dropbox on Android has been a favorite for years, though fairly limited free storage capacity 2 GB only. But can be expanded by doing things like following the company, leave feedback, and invite your friends to use it.

features 1 TB of space, cost $99 each year or every month on $9.99. If you want more than 1 TB, you will need for a business plan. Android app is largely free of distractions and just added section ‘ Offline ‘ which allows you to access documents and files when you don’t have an internet connection.

Download Could Storage Dropbox


Box cloud storage

A box is free cloud storage application for Google’s Android Play Store and similar in Dropbox. offers 10 GB free space with 250 MB upload limit. However, you can pay $10 per month for cloud storage of up to 100 GB and 5 GB file upload limit at least three users subscription.

This free app Android box feature now offers all the options you’d expect to see in the app storage cloud, with the ability to access a specific file to offline and focus for you to collaborate on documents while from the desktop.

Download Could Storage BOX

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