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File Transfer – List of Android applications For File Transfer/send a File Photo, Video, music, applications, documents, etc. Sharing files is one thing that is most often done by the users of Android. Generally sharing files can be pictures, MP3 music, videos, documents, applications/Apps, and much more.

In fact, there are many sophisticated file transfer application and full-featured can send files faster than Bluetooth. But usually, the application using the Wifi connection as Transfering. More details, you see the reviews application is given below.

Best Android File Transfer Application, fast, and Full-featured

File Transfer Application send anywhrere

On this occasion, I will share about the best android file sender application and fastest that can send files with seconds. Applications – applications below me briefly auto summary of source Google Play Store. If interested, you can read reviews of applications and download them directly from the Google Play Store.

1. SHARE it – File Transfer

HARE it – File Transfer file transfer android application is the fastest and most widely downloaded Play in Google’s Store. More than 400 million Android users download and use this application. The main advantages of the application SHARE it is able to send files 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Don’t worry, this application does not require an internet connection so you can share files easily without reducing the quota of the internet.

2. Transfer: Xender & For Files

Xender: Transfer File For the application is & sender best android file that is able to send file-sharing suits ranging from documents, music, pictures, video, and applications with a few touches. With the latest PC Connect feature, can transfer any Xender you need between your phone and computer, PC, MAC or Chromebook.

3. Transfer – share files CM

CM Transfer – file sharing is the best android file transfer applications developed by developers of Mobile Cloud Cheetah (NYSE: CMCM). The hosts of the CleanMaster application ™ is the best application NO. #1 by star rating high enough. This application is able to send files with the high speed of 5 MB/s – 10 MB/s – 160 times faster than Bluetooth. With this application, you can send music files, images, photos, videos, applications apk quickly without having to wait.

4. ShareCloud (Share Apps)

ShareCloud (Share Apps) was an Android App to share apps, music, videos, pictures, files with family and friends with a single click. More than 10 million Android users have to install and use the application. ShareCloud can share files over the Bluetooth feature, hotspots, Dropbox, Email, WhatsApp, Google Drive, Facebook, etc. Download the free application via Google ShareCloud Play Store.

5. Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

Send Anywhere is the application file transfer android that can easily do you use for sharing photos, video, contacts, etc. with multiple devices according to what you want through the six-digit key, QR Code, or through social media. One of the hallmarks of this application is compatible with all devices such as iOS and Android, PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome extensions, and Web widgets.

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