Best 5 Android Game FPS The Best Zombie Themed

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Game FPS (First Person Shooter) game genre is the favored many people, either on the desktop or mobile. FPS games itself has a variety of themes, one example is Zombie.

Many people liked the zombie-themed Android FPS games because it could make adrenalin encouraged a with zombie attacks. In addition, the zombie games fps will also train the player with all the limitations of food, weapons to ammunition.

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Want to know what are the best zombie Game FPS in 2017 Following the full reviews:

Android Game FPS Best Zombie Themed

Android Game FPS Best Zombie ThemedS

1. Zombie Reaper 3

First is the Zombie Reaper 3. Artificial 8Square game Games suitable for you who like zombie-themed fps games. Here you will meet a variety of zombies that can attack you

To beat him you certainly have to shoot the zombies. Specifically for the Zombie boss, armor, blood to attack they will be greater than ordinary zombies.

Download Game FPS Androidroid: Zombie Reaper 3

2. Zombie Assault: Sniper

Next up is the Zombie Assault: Sniper. Despite its title, the game sniper fps zombie is not always using a sniper to kill zombies. Game FT. artificial Games it has 16 weapons to choose from, such as Crossbow, the P90, the Katana to Dragunov.

Download Game FPS Androidroid: Zombie Assault: Sniper

3. Zombie Objective

Subsequently, Zombies is Objective. Zombie games-made Android fps Killer Bean Studios offers a variety of exciting features for you to try, like 7 a great location, the gameplay mode 7, 12 types of zombies, modern weapons and much more.

Download Game FPS Androidroid: Zombie Objective

4. DEAD TARGET: Zombie

DEAD TARGETS: Zombie FPS genre, game artificial VNG GAME STUDIOS have various features that will get you winning, such as 3d graphics and realistic sounds, nice detail, a wide array of weapons, quest, achievement and much more.

Download Game FPS Androidroid: DEAD TARGETS: Zombie

5. Unkilled

Unkilled is zombie games Android-based multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) the host’s developers Madfinger. In this game, you are in New York City that has become the center of the zombie plague.

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You will become a member of the elite, where there is 150 mission complete with a thrilling story. You will not only face the usual zombie who fell, but zombies are unique, a fierce and aggressive, as well as gruesome zombie boss that you shall conquer.

Download Game FPS Androidroid: Unkilled

That’s a wide array of the best zombie-themed Game FPS on Android that you can play for 2017. If you have any recommendations for other games, don’t forget to share it in the comments field. Happy playing!

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