5 Best Android Offline Games 2019

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 Android Offline Games – Playing games is one of the best ways to overcome boredom, there are myriad games on Android that you can try, from offline to online. But it would be better if you play the games offline, type the reason is quite simple, Although the offline game actually looks less professional.

Nowadays there are lots of offline gaming on Android, not a few others have the best quality, whether in terms of gameplay or graphics. Well, of the many Android offline games available on the internet, this time we will try to discuss offline Android games that have millions of fans of the best-selling games of all time.

5 Best Android Offline Games 2018

5 Best Android Offline Games 2018

1. The Walking Dead

First, there was “The Walking Dead”, this game has some follow-up story, starting from season one to season three. “The Walking Dead” is not just a horror game, unlike other horror games Android, this game offers an interesting storyline and easy to understand.

The plot of this game is very nice, even not rarely bring up the sad scene, it’s what makes the Android user want to try and play it. In addition, this game also offers a very high-quality graphics so that it is able to compete with video games like PlayStation.

Download The Walking Dead

2. Call of Duty Dead Trigger 14

The second game also might have been not familiar, is “Call of Duty Dead Trigger 14” which also became one of the best-selling Android game offline at this time. Although different from “The Walking Dead”, this game turned out to be no less exciting. “Call of Duty Dead Trigger 14,” tells the story of a quiet area that is inhabited by monsters and zombies, here the players have already presented lots of unique weapons that later can be used to kill the enemy.

“Call of Duty Dead Trigger 14” not only focuses on the interesting gameplay, however, the graphics of this game are also capable of attracting the gamers. The reason why the “Call of Duty Dead Trigger 14” became one of the best-selling games is not as sophisticated graphics and rendition and exciting gameplay.

Download Call Of Duty Dead Trigger 14

3. Assasins Creed Pirates

“Assasins Creed Pirates” is the most phenomenal game, his name began to be known already since the heyday of the PlayStation. Until now, even the game Assasins Creed is still being developed, the latest series of this game you can play on the PlayStation 4. Assasins Creed talks about Pirates or a later version of Android, it seems there will be no doubt to play it. Because the Android version of this game does not differ greatly to that of the PlayStation.

In this game players do not have the freedom, the player has to obey the rules. There are many things you should do in this game, such as Stow, parkour, kill the enemy action, stabbing enemies from behind and many more. No wonder if this game is “the users of smartphones.

Download Assasins Creed Pirates

4. Mission Impossible RogueNation

“Mission Impossible RogueNation” is a game adaptation of a famous Hollywood movie, you’ve certainly convinced Ismail knew the intended action film. “Mission Impossible RogueNation” overall gameplay is very similar to that of the movies, which is definitely a lot of terrible action that you will encounter, from Stow, riding something, shoot, kill, stabbing enemies from back, and so on.

Of course, a lot of sense in “Mission Impossible RogueNation” became one of the best-selling in the offline game Android smartphone because his name had been very popular all over the world.

Download Mission Impossible RogueNation

5. Crisis Action

Offline gaming Android last bestseller was “Crisis Action”. This is one of the best FPS games presents an extraordinary challenge. With HD quality graphics alloy, in this game the players on duty for shooting at the enemy. The quality of this game does not need to doubt because “Crisis Action” comes with a very perfect on all sides, ranging from graphics to the theme of the game is very entertaining and fun, the cast also included lots of option arms.

There are many reasons why “Crisis Action” became one of the games that most current or arguably the best-selling game, looking at the total downloads of his on Google Play Store to reach millions of any make we will not hesitate to play it.

Download Crisis Action

That’s 5 Best Selling Android Offline Games that you play, many of the factors that make these games “millions of people, ranging from a graphical side capable, to the storyline of the film notorious. One thing is for sure, you guys don’t hesitate to try the above games because it is guaranteed not to designate disappointed!

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