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Amazon Instant Video – Amazon has released an update to the app Amazon Prime introduces support for Video playback on Android tablet

As we know that Amazon Prime Video app is only available to users of Android phones only, as the development of technology in terms of
smartphones now Amazon’s done upgrading and expanding the compatibility so that Amazon Prime video can now be used for Android tablet. Amazon recently introduced the fire tablet as well as iOS devices,

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But to browse the content, users will need to launch Instant Video Premiered their device via a web browser first, then they came to watch on their tablet.

Amazon Instant Video app on your Android Tablet Phone

Amazon Instant Video App For Android Tablet Device 1

While previously restrictive, Amazon today provides a very flexible way to watch videos from their online library on your Android phone or tablet.

There are 2 main ways to watch Amazon Video on your Android device:

Method 1: Download the Amazon Video app and start streaming video from
(Recommended for those that already have an existing Video library)

Method 2: Download the Amazon Video app, as well as the Amazon shopping app to start browsing or streaming videos from the Amazon shopping app instead.
(Recommended for those that are searching for new videos as you can buy/rent them directly from the shopping app android)

Amazon Instant Video App For Android Tablet Phone 1

The difference between the two methods listed above is that the second method allows you to quickly browse video titles in the Amazon shopping app, whereas the first option requires you to open the website every time you try to watch a video as you’ll need to browse the available titles from Amazon’s website directly.

Note: We recommend that you follow the second method as the experience is much smoother when accessing the Amazon Video service.

For now, the application is only available through Amazon’s own Appstore at this point, you can install it here if you need.

Download Amazon Instant Video

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