Top 5 Alternatives FaceTime Apps for Android 2018

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Alternatives FaceTime Apps for Android does sound somewhat foreign because almost all people use this service on the device based iOS. FaceTime app has gained much popularity and is very user-friendly and well integrated. If you are a user of an Android smartphone and are looking for FaceTime app for your device, unfortunately, most facetime available only for iOS devices. However, there is some alternative to Android video chat that you can use.

This time, we will discuss Five top alternates to FaceTime for Android. as for the list is an application like Google Hangouts, Skype, Viber, and more. Hopefully, from this article, we can help you choose a video chat app for your Android device.

Top 5 Alternatives FaceTime Apps for Android

Here are the top Five alternative FaceTime for Android devices. Actually not all video chat applications this can be available or supported by your Android device. However, we have included five best video calling application, hopefully, you can find one that suits your needs and can use it properly.

Google Hangouts

Alternatives FaceTime Apps for Android google hangout

The most major alternative to Apple’s FaceTime no doubt Google is Hangouts. Hangouts offer many services into one application, namely video calls, and voice calls. the message that supports the message, the best part: Google Hangouts chat messages allow you to 100 people at the same time and making video calls to ten people at the same time. That’s why Google Hangout was not only our first choice as an alternative to Facetime for Android devices.

Google Hangouts app also a rich choice of stickers, emojis, video filters, and many other interesting features that you can use. Chances are that if you have an Android, Google app Hangouts will come pre-installed. But if not, you can easily download from Google Play Store.


Alternatives FaceTime Apps for Android skype

Skype was in second place as one of the most popular facetime application and video calling services. If you are looking for a service that is integrated, cross-platform, then Skype is the best choice. In addition to cross-platform support, the app also provides quite a lot of interesting features such as Skype, offers messaging, voice calls and video calls. For a people-oriented business, Skype is unquestionably the number one alternative to Facetime for Android.


Alternatives FaceTime Apps for Android Viber

an alternative to FaceTime Viber is next. that is one of a fairly simple message application system continues to develop in. Initially, this app is started only as a voice call service but was soon upgraded features several services such as messaging and video call. Viber currently has more than 650 million users around the world which is the highest among any message or video chat application.


WeChat who doesn’t know this one application. the most popular communication applications with the features of the flagship communications surrounding. users already reach more than 100 million. This application is a complete package of communications, offer voice calls, SMS, and video calls.


Alternatives FaceTime Apps for Android oovoo

ooVoo is a messaging application that has a unique name. The app that can combine several services such as video calling, SMS, and voice calls all in one complete package. ooVoo is also a popular app with over 50 million downloads worldwide and nearly one million guest reviews by rating is good enough.

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That’s the Top 5 Alternatives FaceTime Apps for Android which consists of, Google Hangouts, Skype, Viber, WeChat, and ooVoo. Hopefully, you can find the one to suit your needs.

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