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A theme for Android – One of the best things about Android is the ability to be able to customize the experience of its users. You can do so by downloading one of the many applications in Google Play Store. You can also use themes or theme on your Android device.

We are not talking about just changing the background of your Android device, but something real that is amazing theming that will make the device you look really different.

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Here are the best Android theme or theme and the best application to help you implement a theme on the device! Keep in mind that theming is very subjective and what is good for you may be disliked by others. Leave a comment on the Theme for Android and your favorite home screen settings.

The Best Free Theme for Android


1. Best Android Themes Workshop


Best Android Themes Workshop is a group of developers who create a theme generally to C Launcher. There are many themes available which include a variety of colors and styles. Some examples of themes include Night Street, Dragon Magic Totem, and Saturn Games Space.

Most themes include a package of icons, wallpaper, and some advanced theming elements so that everything fit. All themes from developers it’s free and it doesn’t take a long time to make the device you look awesome.

Note: you must use the C Launcher to run the themes of the Best Android Themes Workshop

Download Theme for Android

2. GinLemon


GinLemon is a group of developers who were behind the very successful Smart Launcher. In addition to having some pretty unique launcher, the developer has also released the very themes of the breath-taking to their launcher. Some good choices include the SLT, SLT Ubuntu, and SLK Futura.

The themes that are available unlike other themes, but they add the extra features on the launcher to do something different.

Note: to use the Android themes from GinLemon you must download Smart Launcher 3

Download GinLemon Androidroid

3. Launcher 8


Launcher 8 by Xinyi Network is a unique launcher which emulates the look, feel, and look of the Windows Phone 8. This may seem like a step backwards for most Android users, but there are people who enjoy simplicity and layout settings Metro (tile) and 8 Launcher for Android allows users to engage with it.

Same as Windows Phone 8, you can create a custom tile, resize it, and its contents. You can even put a widget to tile to make such a live tile. Launcher 8 it was fun and definitely something different. You can try 8 Launcher for free!

Download Launcher 8 Androidroid

4. Nova Launcher


In many cases, Android user trying to get a feel stronger on Android devices by running OEM skin like Touchwiz. And Nova Launcher is perfect for this. Nova style has thousands of Android Launcher which can then be customized further using the settings menu, option icon Pack, and a variety of other elements.

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Nova Launcher a bit more leaning to the DIY application (you who plays a major role in making adjustments) compared to many of the applications on this list, but Nova would have been able to make Launcher Android device you look awesome.

Download  Nova Launcher Androidroid

5. Themer


Themer is an increasingly popular application launcher which has thousands of themes that you can use. Comes with 400 themes that represent a variety of styles and the type of display that meet virtually every need.

In addition, each theme is 100% customizable so you can make things more unique. Themer supported by Zooper Widgets and comes with additional features such as the support package icon, the icon of the application gestures, and more.

Download Themer Androidroid

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