5 Best Android RPG Game Japan J-RPG

5 Best Android RPG Game Japan J-RPG – Final Fantasy IX

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RPG Game Japan (JRPG) – Video games or in short game is one of the most sought-after entertainment due to a number of factors such as gameplay and graphics. Currently, the gaming industry also has begun venturing into Android and iOS platforms.

Of the many games on the Android platform, one of the most sought-after genres is genre Japan RPG aka JRPG. Basically, this is the same as JPRG genre RPG games generally just that there are some differences such as a narrative storyline and character design that lead to the design of anime characters. He’s some game genres best JRPG on the Android device you guys, enjoy.

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5 Best Android RPG Game Japan J-RPG

5 Best Android RPG Game Japan J-RPG

1. Ys Chronicle

YS Chronicle is actually a game JPRG who revived to Android devices. You guys will take control of a young redhead named Edol Christine who do various adventure to eradicate crimes that have sprung up in the land of Esteria.

The gameplay of the game itself is a little unique because you guys are not going to use the attack or survived that appear on the screen like RPG games. However, you guys will be free moving while continuing to press the attack (do tap) to attack the enemy continuously. You guys can also choose two modes i.e. Adventure Mode and Time Attack modes.

2. Chaos Ring III

Chaos Ring is Android games of the legendary publisher Square Enix released in 2015 for the Android platform. The game itself tells the story of the adventurous who want to go to a place that is often referred to as a paradise that is the planet of Blue Marble.

You guys alone will control a party consisting of three active members and two reserve members can you guys exchanged for dealing with various monsters (turn-based system) that appears while fulfilling the goal of each character come to Blue Marble and secrets which includes the planet.

3. Logres

If you guys are looking for games for the Android platform JRPG, Logres is one of the best choices you guys. Games this one offers an exciting adventure where you guys will team up with the players from around the world to defeat the forces of evil that wants to destroy the world.

There are 15 classes of characters with funny designs are customizable for you guys. Of course, you guys can also make a party to defeat raid boss and chatting up with a fellow player.

4. Final Fantasy IX

For all of you lovers of traditional JRPG that missed by JPRG games quality and iconic, you are obligated to play the legendary game Final Fantasy IX. The game was first released in 2000 was finally revived to the Android platform 2016 years ago.

In addition, you guys can also make customization of characters with various equipment and don’t forget Final Fantasy IX return enlivening the character class system had left on the previous series.

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5. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a game of genre favorite JPRG . You guys can get new heroes with freighters for the Orb that you get from completing various activities within the game or make a purchase with the original money.

You guys can also run various missions which require a certain amount of stamina. Stamina alone can you guys get with the rest of the heroes you guys. That makes this game interesting is the variety of unique character classes such as Wyvern Rider, Swordmaster, General, Mage Knight, the Great Lord, Paladin, and much more.

That’s the last 5 RPG Game Japan JPRG. Hopefully consoled and happy play. If need recommendations, strongly suggests you guys try Final Fantasy IX and Fire Emblem Heroes in advance because in terms of stories and features, both the game arguably very interesting and exciting.

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