as a user of a smartphone with an Android brain would certainly never several times having a problem on google, like the play store problem error when want to download from google play store. No need to worry because we […]

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The presence of features Google “Google Now”, Assistant, or also known “OK Google” made many people reluctant to typing and prefer to say what they are looking for. Just like a personal assistant, OK Google make the job easier and […]

Android applications For Your Anime Manga Fans? Confused looking for a place to read manga Japan? No need to be confused anymore. Lots of anime or manga that circulates here, call it Naruto, Well, for those of you who love […]

Google Chrome – Indeed Google products never disappoint, one of which is his web browser, Google Chrome. Currently Google Chrome into a web browser with the number of users at most dominated by Android users. Because of its easy, responsive, […]

Samsung has just introduced a new product. Samsung Galaxy Notes 8 in New York, United States, on Wednesday 23 August 2017. Carrying the tagline #DoBiggerThings, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offers a variety of exciting features and sophistication. On the design […]

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Tips Android Secure – many user smartphones realize if they use mobile phones are still not completely safe. Here are a few tips that aim to protect yourself from the danger of fraud and identity theft. If the steps to […]

This time I’ll review some tips android because it’s not for no reason if Android is getting a lot of use by the users of smartphones. In addition, because it serves a selection of cheaper prices, the reasons why people […]